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Procurement Engineering

Qasr’s procurement engineers have extensive industry experience and knowledge to provide a turnkey solution to your industry problems. Qasr has a cross functional Procurement engineering team that supports customers in purchase of engineered commodities and package units for Process Plants from the global market. The team has extensive understanding of the global supply base and procurement best practices, apart from good fundamental and technical knowledge in various engineering disciplines. Starting with understanding general procurement specifications, the team initially prepares a technical procurement package. Based on the specifications, we identify suitable suppliers from an Approved Vendor List (AVL) or from a global supply base, considering the key vendor qualification criteria that the customer may have. Based on these criteria, technical bids are requested from the vendors, which go through a detailed Technical Bid Analysis (TBA) by our team. Following this analysis and a technical bid evaluation, we prepare final purchase specifications, which are considered as Issued for Purchase (IFP) documentation. The Qasr team also assists clients during negotiations, and issues of purchase orders. Vendor drawings and documentations also always go through various stages of review and approval by our procurement engineering team.

  1. Assist in Finalization of Vendor List

  2. Preparation of Technical Procurement Package

  3. Technical Bid Analysis (TBA)

  4. Preparation of Purchase Specifications

  5. Review of Vendor Drawings and Documents

  1. Coordination with Vendors for Production Schedule

  2. Review and Approval of Quality Plans

  3. Finalization of ITPs

  4. Follow up and Approval of Vendor documents for Fabrication, Inspection and Dispatch

  5. Resolution of Technical Clarifications from Vendors

procurement engineering
Document Preperation

We prepare the documents required for tender or quotations for your projects and register them with your sources.

procurement engineering
Offer Review

We review all the offers received from sources and provide you with the detail information and grading of your choices.

procurement engineering
Price Review

We will get the final pricing from different sources based on our target price to assure that the final cost is the best our clients can get.

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