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    With our modular power supply concept 'connectPower', we offer you a solution concept with precisely matched components

Switch-mode power supply units
Our switch-mode power supplies feature a high degree of efficiency, compact dimensions and minimal heat generation and are characterized by the fact that switch-mode power supplies are powerful, economical and innovative. switch-mode power supplies are an excellent, reliable solution for providing power in all automation applications - safely providing 24 V DC voltage.
    A wide-range input (both DC as well as AC voltages can be used; no switching required) and extensive approvals.
    Wide temperature range from -40 °C to +70 °C, vibration resistance till 4G and overvoltage category 3.
    Single phase and three phase power supplies with an output range from 17 watt to 960 watt.
Additional component:
1- Diode, redundancy and capacity modules.
Use our diode and redundancy modules to connect two power supplies and compensate for a device failing. In addition, our capacity module offers power reserves, guaranteeing purposeful and quick triggering of a circuit breaker, for example.
2- Communication modules

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Uninterruptible power supplies
If process checks and communication processes are to be purposefully and safely maintained, then the automation components need an everlasting supply. Using our uninterruptible power supply units in conjunction with the suitable battery modules allows you to bridge longer network failures in an especially reliable way.
The modules can supply up to 40 A for 30 minutes or 1 A for 30 hours, depending on requirements. The modular design allows the complete load to be split into non-safe and safe load circuits, often enabling a smaller UPS to be designed.
The UPS control unit,  together with the associated battery module and the power supply unit, forms a complete DC UPS system. In normal operation, the input voltage from the UPS control unit is connected directly to the load. In the event of a mains failure (drop of the DC input voltage) the system switches instantly to battery operation. Once the mains supply has been restored, the system switches back to normal operation and the battery is fully recharged by the integrated charger. Three relay outputs, as well as three additional active transistor outputs and a control input to lock battery operation, provide full remote control by means of PLC or DCS control. Numerous modes of operation and an easy-to-use status display provide rapid fault diagnosis and optimum customization to the application.

Electronic load monitoring
Modern machines and plants require load monitoring systems that are intelligent, efficient and reliable. Our portfolio of modular solutions offer high degrees of flexibility for a wide range of applications, while at the same time saving time and space during installation.
Efficient machine and facility operation calls for fail-safe and maintenance-friendly control voltage distribution that can be installed in a time and space-saving manner.
With the new maxGUARD system, the terminal blocks (previously installed separately) for distributing potential to the outputs of the electronic load monitors become an integral part of a 24 V DC control voltage distribution system.
The innovative combination of load monitoring and potential distribution saves time during installation, increases safety against failure and reduces the amount of space required on the terminal rail by 50%
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DC/DC converter
The compact DC/DC converter provides systems with optimal failure protection for maximum availability.
  •     Compensation of voltage fluctuations
  •     Regeneration of the output voltage for a stable voltage at the end of long cables
  •     Establishment of floating supply systems through galvanic isolation
  •     Above-average performance data

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